Angel M.
17:44 08 Feb 23
I had a pleasant experience at my Invisalign consultation. Michelle took care of drafting my contract and letting me know of everything I would be charged for so there were no hidden fees. I wasn't pressured into making a decision and Dr. Thabet's office made me feel welcome.
Cristina S.
23:30 26 Jan 23
All of the staff were super sweet! They were quick, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Thabet is the best of the best when it comes Orthodontic treatment, hands down! I feel that I am good hands with starting Invisalign treatment here! 😃
Radhika S.
15:51 26 Jan 23
We went to Dr. Thabet to evaluate treatment plan for Phase 2 of my son's orthodontia. We were met warmly by Michelle, who methodically guided us through the different options. She took care to give me some privacy to discuss the cost and payment information with my husband, before I committed to the 2-year treatment. In addition, Michelle leveraged another Treatment Coordinator's support to hasten drawing up the Contract and documentation, so we were in and out in an hour or so.Super new Office, helpful staff, cool decor and kid-friendly activities.
hodan O.
12:16 19 Jan 23
I was referred by someone to Dr. Thabet for my Autistic son. Dr. Thabet was so thorough in explaining treatment options that accommodate my son’s condition without compromising his treatment. He was very kind , professional and has contagious positive energy. I was so pleased with the visit that I had him do my second son’s braces.That was two years ago, my younger son got his braces off today and we are so happy with the way his teath look. As for my older son who is autistic , his teeth look great and he should be Getting his braces off soon.I highly recommend Dr. Thabet, his staff is professional and nice and what you are quoted for treatment price stays the same no hidden charges .
Charles W.
18:27 18 Jan 23
Love this place, super friendly environment and staffs, state of art instruments, all in all an awesome experience!
Dana E.
15:51 16 Jan 23
We have had a wonderful experience at Thabet Orthodontics. Dr. Thabet and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly.
Mary R.
21:51 14 Jan 23
I am extremely happy with my Invisalign experience with Dr. Thabet and his exceptional staff. The equipment is state-of-the-art and the people are highly skilled, patient, and friendly. One of the things that truly sets this group apart from other Invisalign practices is the Dental Monitoring app. It lets you quickly send pics of your progress to the office every week for immediate feedback and guidance. After the initial set-up visits, you only go in person every few months. Huge time saver that still gets you great results and a perfect smile. The app also shows your progress from start to the current pictures - very satisfying! Do not pick an Invisalign provider without a free consult with Thabet Orthodontics.
Tavoria P.
09:42 13 Jan 23
I had a free consultation with michelle & she was AMAZING! She explained everything to me in regards to financing, the different type of payment plans, and the different type of treatment plans. During this visit, they took pictures of my teeth & Dr. Thabet came & gave me his treatment plan. He was SO respectful, so professional & so attentive to detail. The staff is amazing, I love how they explain everything they are doing before the actually do it. Michelle, thank you for taking the time to explain everything & show me your amazing,sweet personality. She is super knowledgeable, professional & just relatable:) I didnt feel as if I was talking to someone who was trying to get my money or be pushy into choosing them. She is the main reason i decided to go with Dr. Thabet for treatment. I cant wait to start this journey with this amazing team!
Jesse N.
17:32 05 Jan 23
Had an incredible experience here. Incredible staff to explain everything and very kind
Tatjana L.
01:06 05 Jan 23
Clean office and friendly staff! My first visit was with Maria. She explained the processes thoroughly and was very nice.
Kayley V.
12:29 14 Dec 22
Great experience with Thabet Orthodontists!Very friendly and welcoming staff. I just finished my Invisalign treatment and I am happy with my new smile!
Alexander B.
16:43 13 Dec 22
The Invisalign setup couldn't have been smoother. Very quick and very friendly staff
Nathaniel K.
16:38 29 Nov 22
I haven't had any other Orthodontist to compare but every step of the process has been smooth and easy. I highly recommend Dr. Thabet and his staff. The Halloween decorations were very impressive. Adding that working with my insurance and dental FSA was also painless, and made the whole thing affordable as an adult. Today the guide attachments came off and I will go back for my retainer in three weeks. It's been a long process but I am very happy with the results.
Monica C.
00:42 18 Nov 22
We went for our first consultation today with our 8 year old and I can’t scream the praises of Thabet Orthodontics loud enough! I love them so much I almost want to keep it a secret because I know they are magical! Michelle was our consultant and she made our daughter feel comfortable, brave and most of all validated. Our daughter was nervous (even crying at one point because of her overwhelm with the possibility of needing braces), and Michelle comforted her and had her smiling in no time. Dr. Thabet was kind and honest. He gave us a thorough evaluation and so many options! This practice is modern and takes into account the families of this age and time (almost everything can be digitalized or not, depending on your preference). We loved them so much, that my husband scheduled a consult for himself at 40 years old! We love Thabet Orthodontics!!!
Will K.
18:02 26 Aug 22
Great experience. Friendly professional and expert!
Melissa A.
22:16 24 Aug 22
Thabets Orthodontists is the best!The staff is friendly, the office is clean .I'm so happy with the results of my treatment...I would recommend anyone to Dr Samie Thabet and staff...Thank you so much.
13:39 18 Aug 22
The staff here is amazing.!!!! I came in Monday August 15th to get my braces and they was so accommodating I asked could I vlog for my YouTube channel and they was so friendly.!!! Abby was phenomenal with her assistance in helping me get started.!! Maria and doctor thabet was extremely gentle with putting my braces on so gentle that I fell asleep lol that’s how comforting the environment was .!! This place is really phenomenal and I highly recommend coming here
Anjali M.
18:14 05 Aug 22
i already posted a review on my other account, but i just had another appointment (finally got my invisalign in!!) and need to stress how amazing this place is. they are the kindest people you will ever meet. usually dentist, doctors, etc offices are nerve wracking for me (or for anyone really) but this place makes you feel really comfortable- from everyone at the front desk, to everyone working in the back, and Dr. Thabet too. i had the pleasure of meeting Renata this time, who was incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable, and funny. she got me started with my aligners and gave me all the tips i need to know. i was nervous to start treatment but everyone i met here made it not seem daunting at all. you probably won't find better care anywhere else. they walk you through step by step how your treatment process will go, and show a cool 3d model of your current teeth with a slider so you can literally see how your teeth will change through each week of the process. and the fact that you can do your progress scans from home makes it so much more convenient. they couldn't get any better. i highly recommend:)
Infinite S.
17:21 02 Aug 22
Really nice place and quality service
TeamAJRD 4.
17:18 02 Aug 22
Super quick and easy. Did a great job on the braces. No mess ups or pain while getting my braces on. Everyone their is nice and welcoming. Can’t wait to have my next appointment there.
alex L.
23:26 24 Jul 22
everyone is very welcoming and helpful throughout the whole process. both my sister and i went to them for braces and im soon to be done. so thankful for the amazing process.
Dan G.
14:05 20 Jul 22
Took 2 of our kids to Dr Thabet. Love his service, bedside manners, professionalism, care and expertise. He truly is a master of Orthodontics.
00:59 03 Jul 22
loved my first visit, no issues at all! as someone with anxiety this was probably the most perfect experience for starting out with invisalign that i could've asked for. my parents waited years before considering braces for my brother and i because of financial issues, and the staff helped us out with insurance suggestions, discounts, etc. which was helpful. not to mention they offered us an appointment date that was just a few days after initially calling to schedule which was greatwe were greeted by (and spent most of our visit with) sam, who was absolutely wonderful - so kind, articulate, helpful, knowledgable, and great to talk to. everyone who worked there that i interacted with was incredibly friendly and made the whole process of starting invisalign very easy. dr thabet was very knowledgable, concise, and kind. you can tell they do things efficiently here. at no point were there any issues nor was anyone unable to answer any of our questions. and it's a very clean, cute, nicely decorated office. also they have a nice option for invisalign where you can scan your teeth at home for any issues instead of having to go in for frequent checkups. i can't speak on the actual experience with/use of invisalign yet, but i really have no doubt that everything will go smoothly.
Karla F.
01:51 30 Jun 22
I just finished my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Thabet! I am absolutely happy with my results, I can finally smile with confidence. From the first appointment the team was amazing, you walk into a welcoming office and Maria in the back is always greeting you with a smile. I am glad I was able to have this experience with Thabet Orthodontics because I know where I will be taking my children for treatment in the future! Oh, and you will love the theme change every time you visit, I looked forward to seeing that each time. Thank you Dr. Thabet and your amazing team.
Ely R.
12:50 22 Jun 22
This office and staff go above and beyond for excellent care in their services. Never felt in better hands from any dental related specialists with having moved around multiple times. When I had other dental related concerns that might affect my orthodontic treatment they listened and went out of their way to give me info on where to go to receive urgent help. They even checked in with me in every step of that process, showing genuine empathy for my situation. Top tier excellence for any orthodontic needs, and Dr. Thabet has my stamp of approval for trust.
11:03 16 Jun 22
The best! Absolutely! I’m so glad my dentist referred me to them.
Kelly M.
21:21 15 Jun 22
I visited Thabet Orthodontics for the first time last week and I had an wonderfully amazing experience! Johana at the front desk was extremely helpful in answering all my questions regarding insurance and what to expect when she helped me set up the appointment . It was an absolute pleasure meeting with Sandra and Dr. Thabet for my consultation. My situation is a bit complex and I was nervous, but Sandra and Dr. Thabet were extremely knowledgeable and confident they could do what needs to be done to set my teeth straight 😁 I have to get some other work done first but cant wait to start my treatment with them. Thank you Johana, Sandra and Dr. Thabet!! Hands down, my best experience with any orthodontist ever. I can honestly say I've never been excited for dental work but I'm so very excited to start my treatment with you. 😊 And a special thank you to Great Smiles Dental Care and Dr. Nguyen for referring me! I couldn't ask for a better team of professionals to trust my care with. Thank you!!
19:49 07 Apr 22
During my Invisalign experience, the staff at Thabet Orthodontics as well as Dr. thabet were very friendly and professional!It was always welcoming, safe and clean in the waiting room, with cheerful decorations for each season (even during the pandemic).I am very happy with my experience and I highly recommend this practice. Just don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have, whether it’s messaging them through their application or calling them, they are more than happy to help!
Chloe T.
23:54 23 Mar 22
Dr.Thabet got suggested to me by a friend who had braces and she said that going there is worth the time you have. When I went in for the first time, the staff members welcomed us with smiles on their face :). Going through the process of debating weather or not I need braces was little bit of a struggle for me, I didn’t want braces, I found out that they had Invisalign and that made me so so happy. The process with Invisalign was definitely worth my time and money. Dr.Thabet and his team were very very supportive and I was really happy with their time! Really sad I finished and won’t go there as often but I’m really happy with my experience!! Thank you Dr.Thabet and his wonderful team!!!
Adaorah I.
19:07 03 Feb 22
I love Thabet Orthodontics! The whole team is so pleasant and kind. It’s rare to enter an office and see that everyone is truly happy providing services to the customers. I have had such wonderful and authentic interactions with every single person at the office. Every single one! I highly recommend Thabet Orthodontics!
tevyn H.
20:20 20 Jan 22
I love Dr. Thabet and his Team!! They are very friendly and welcoming. My dentist has great comments on their work with my teeth. I'm so happy with my new smile. If you need orthodonic work done this is definitely the place you should go.
Natasha J.
21:30 06 Jan 22
The staff is very friendly and sweet. Love that I do not sit in the waiting for 30mins or more to be called back for my appointment. They are always on time. Will definitely recommend this office for all orthodontic services.
Corrine C.
18:00 06 Jan 22
Not only is the office beautiful, but Dr. Thabet and the staff are all great! This is my third go 'round with orthodontia, but only minor corrections are needed. Dr. Thabet heard my concerns and came up with a short-term plan for treatment. Maria was a pleasure to work with as well. I'm hopeful and looking forward to the final result.Update 1/6/22: Finished up with my Invisalign and I’m satisfied with the results. I had a few extensions in my treatment plan, but it was worth it. I appreciate Dr. Thabet’s attention to detail and desire to meet his patients needs. I highly recommend his services.
Diana A.
20:17 04 Jan 22
Dr. Thabet is the absolute best! I did invisalign with the Thabet team and they are all the nicest, most caring people. His team and the doctor really care about you throughout the process. I would highly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Thabet for the best smile.
Sage J.
11:26 10 Dec 21
It was a quick a and easy process to get my braces on and off. Thabet Orthodontics helped me a lot with that 2-year journey. Everyone was extremely nice, so I enjoyed their efficiency and kindness. It would be impossible to find this place horrible. I recommend going here 🙂
Aka 4.
20:52 07 Nov 21
I’m new to Invisalign. So far, Thabet Orthodontics has made the process seamless. From my initial consult to getting my 1st trays, the process and staff have been top notch! I look forward to the journey ahead and have no doubt that I’m in good hands.
Dominique B.
15:08 04 Nov 21
Dr. Thabet is great! And the assistant Maria really took her time to explain everything she was doing and she made sure I went home feeling completely comfortable with my treatment plan.
Naomi R.
19:48 02 Nov 21
I love this place. Bryan is one of the best orthos there and he is a person I would really recommend.
21:25 28 Oct 21
Great! The people are nice, my teeth and straight and I had a wonderful experience
Joseph M.
14:50 19 Oct 21
Always professional,pleasant, and fun.
Jacqueline H.
22:29 18 Oct 21
Thabet Orthodontics is great. All of the staff members are phenomenal and truly care about their patients. They take the time to make sure you understand exactly what is going on and what’s best for you. I’d highly recommend Thabet Orthodontics to everyone!
Steffanie M.
15:01 14 Oct 21
Love Thabet Orthodontics! Dr. Thabet is very thorough, professional, and kind. Office staff is super friendly and are very good with my kids. They take time to answer all your questions and make the kids feel comfortable. Very clean, organized, and efficient office. Would highly recommend them!
Kala S.
16:36 01 Oct 21
We have been going to Dr Thabet for our ortho needs for 3 years now and his practice is the best. All staff show expertise and outstanding customer service. I have had invisilign and my daughter is on her phase II braces and the results are amazing!
Alejandra D.
20:41 17 Sep 21
This facility, staff and Doctor are very dedicated to make sure every detail of the process of your child's teeth health goes successfully. My son is at almost 12 weeks of his Invisalign treatment and each week we get a personal email on his process. I am looking forward to the end result on my son's bright smile! I highly recommend Thabet Orthodontics.
Alex J.
14:41 13 Sep 21
Everyone in the office is lovely and friendly and caring- we are thrilled with this practice!
Amara M.
19:40 31 Aug 21
just got retainers because i’m officially done with my invisalign treatment!! the months went by extremely fast!! definitely recommend dr. thabet and thabet orthodontists!
Farhad A.
01:21 27 Aug 21
Workers are very kind and very trusting people and I believe that thabet orthodontists is the best orthodontist I have ever met and the place is very clean
Kate T.
22:25 17 Aug 21
Dr. Thabet and his entire staff are excellent! So accommodating & flexible with scheduling appointments.I had a great experience with my & Invisalign consultation & fitting!They took time to explain everything about the process and you do not feel rushed.Thank you for your great customer service!!👍🏽
Michelle H.
15:58 11 Aug 21
Thabet Orthodontics is one of the best medical/dental practices I have visited. Dr. Thabet and team are always welcoming and take great care to ensure you have all the information you need. My twins are in Phase 2 of treatment and love their visits. I highly recommend this practice to anyone needing orthodontic care.
Mikhail I.
23:48 28 Jul 21
I am a current patient here, and the whole process for getting braces has been pretty straightforward and even fun because of all the points I can earn to redeem gift cards! Everyone here is so kind and helpful. It looks like my braces will be off this year!
It's S.
18:16 21 Jun 21
Just went in for my Invisalign appt and Maria was my orthodontist. She was very gentle and attentive. Explained everything well and showed she loves her job.Thank you for everything
Kevin W.
16:58 21 Jun 21
Great experience and dentist. They were very transparent with the procedure and answered all of my questions. So far, the invisalign treatment is going very well with little discomfort.
Marisa S.
15:46 10 Jun 21
Dr. Thabet’s office is so modern and clean! The staff is friendly and professional. I love their use of technology and I’m super excited for my Invisalign treatment that starts today!
Olga C.
14:25 09 Jun 21
I had 2 kids smile straightened here. The staff is very thorough, professional, punctual and most importantly friendly. Dr.Thabet leads by example as he leads with the same positive energy. I would definitely recommend their office to any of our friends.
Khori M.
15:09 08 Jun 21
Professional service from awesome people. The entire staff treats you like family.
michelle J.
17:52 03 Jun 21
The office is super clean and modern! The staff are ALL exceedingly polite, knowledgeable and professional. I think the level of customer service and attention to detail is extraordinary. I seriously was blown away by the level of promptness and efficiency all staff members played in getting me in and out of the office. I am excited about my treatment and working with this team. I truly can say I would refer anyone to this office. Truly top notch practice… no exaggeration. Won’t disappoint!
Hey you should go to Thabetorthodontics because it is a great place and the people there get the job done and all of them are very nice that’s why I recommend you going to Thabetorthodontics !
Kelly W.
17:25 20 May 21
We have been with Dr Thabet since my daughter was 8. We have gone through phase 1 of braces and expanders and now we are going through phase 2. Dr Thabet is wonderful. My daughter loves him and my husband and I trust him. The staff in the office is also wonderful! Friendly, professional, and always guiding us through the maze of insurance and the treatment itself. I would not go anywhere else. This feels like home....
nana e v
15:29 19 May 21
I just got my braces off today. It was a painless experience and I love how my teeth look. Everyone who works there was really nice.
Hector R.
18:13 14 May 21
I highly recommend Thabet Orthodontics! Laura, Chris, the entire staff, and Dr. Thabet have been so accommodating. I just got my braces off and I am satisfied with the results. I appreciate all their efforts and assistance throughout the entire process! 🙂
Peter L.
13:03 08 May 21
Dr. Thabet and the entire team are amazing! They are so good and patient with kids in the office. We have 3 family members with sparkling smiles thanks to their efforts. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an orthodontist.
Henry C.
13:09 04 May 21
Dr. Thabet and his team are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable in their field. My comprehensive invisalign package went without hiccups and while I needed quite a few adjustments along the way, the team did everything they needed to not only treat my open bite, but also give me a photogenic smile.
Michelle A.
23:37 27 Apr 21
Very impressed with all the new technology! I usually hate the dentist and anything that has to do with teeth but Dr. Thabet and everyone I’ve interacted with has been so friendly and welcoming to me. Definitely have made me excited for my new smile!
Alvaro S.
21:53 21 Apr 21
Very pleased with my initial visit. From the moment I called the receptionist was super helpful and friendly to the moment I left. I was really impressed with the modern atmosphere and technology. Super clean and very welcoming. The staff was amazing. Both Drs were super attentive and very detailed in their explanations. I felt very valued as a new client. Cant wait to see how they continue to help me out on my journey for a better smile.