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Orthodontist in Boyds

Boyds Orthodontist

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At Thabet Orthodontics in Boyds, MD, we treat children, teens, and adults who want to perfect their pearly whites. We offer basic orthodontic services such as spacers and retainers, various types of braces, and Invisalign®. We want your best feature to be your smile!

Top-Rated Boyds Orthodontics Office

From the moment you set foot in our office, you’ll feel like a part of our family. Our friendly office staff and experienced dental professionals will listen to your concerns and come up with a treatment plan that is gentle, cost-effective, and transformative. Whether your teeth are crooked or you have an overbite, we can resolve any dental issue together.

We don’t want you to be scared of coming to the orthodontist. We pride ourselves on shorter treatment periods, fewer office visits, less discomfort, and high-quality results. We use the latest technology to make coming to the dentist easy and hassle-free. You’ll leave feeling better than when you came in to see us!

You can book a free exam at our Boyds office any time. Before you do, check out our impressive customer reviews.

Orthodontic Services We Offer in Boyds, MD


In addition to traditional metal braces, we provide clear ceramic braces. Brackets and wires are used in both types of braces to gradually shift the teeth over time. The most noticeable difference between these two types of braces is that metal braces stick out more in the mouth than transparent or ceramic braces.


Lingual braces are “invisible” when you smile since they are buried beneath the teeth. Lingual braces are 100% tailored to match the contour of your teeth using our iTero Digital Scanner; like Invisalign, these appliances are designed exclusively for you.


Being an Invisalign diamond provider means that our office has attained the highest degree of proficiency in this technique, something we are very pleased of. To achieve the desired outcomes, Invisalign employs aligners that are custom-made for each patient. These invisible aligners can be removed at any time, including while eating or brushing your teeth.


Retainers are used at the end of your orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth in their new locations. People can choose between permanent and detachable retainers according on their preferences and lifestyle needs.

Braces In Boyds, MD

Thabet Orthodontics is a top provider of braces in Boyds, MD. We provide a range of orthodontic treatments, such as transparent or ceramic braces and classic metal braces, to assist you in achieving the ideal smile. After consulting with Dr. Thabet, he will collaborate with you to identify the best approach to give you your dream smile! Our team strives to create a relaxing atmosphere and uses cutting-edge dental technology to ensure that our patients have a pleasant experience during your braces treatment.

Types Of Braces We Provide

When you come to our Boyds office, Thabet Orthodontics will help you make an educated choice for your family.

You’re probably familiar with traditional metal braces, which consist of metal brackets, adhesive, wire, and elastics. But did you know that there are other, more aesthetically pleasing types of braces for kids and adults alike? We provide:

Self-ligating braces are similar to traditional braces, but they don’t require elastics. Because of this, you need fewer follow-up appointments for tightening.

Ceramic braces are made of a composite material and are translucent, so they are not as noticeable to others as metal braces are. While visually appealing, they can stain easily, so we advise against drinking coffees or teas.

We install lingual braces behind your teeth so that they are invisible to others. These braces are a great option for those who rely on their smile for livelihood.

Finally, one of the favorite new choices is the invisible aligner system.

Invisalign Provider In Boyds, MD

Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces. Using digital technology that can measure the size and shape of your teeth, we create a series of clear aligners that you wear for one to two weeks at a time, then replace them with a new aligner tray. You wear Invisalign® for 20-22 hours a day as the aligners gradually shift your teeth. However, the trays are removable. That means that you can eat or brush your teeth (or get photos made) without the plastic in your mouth, which makes the system more attractive than permanent braces.

If you’re interested in Invisalign®, we can talk about whether you’re a candidate when you visit our Boyds office for a consultation.

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